Why I am here

Until when I was a high school student, I didn’t like English. English classes in my school were boring, and some teachers were helpless. In addition, I felt reluctant to speak in English because I was nervous to speak English like native speakers and scared of making mistakes. But one English teacher called Katosen changed my mind. He taught me why we had to study English.

According to some data, at least twenty percent people in the world use English today. He told me that the most important thing for us was to know many things and accept many cultures, and English was effective to do so. He influenced me a lot, and that was my first time to think I wanted to be an English teacher. In the university in Japan, I learned about the current situation of English education in Japan and how to teach English effectively.

I competed with my rivals a lot. And I decided to come here to be a better English speaker, find out about different English teaching methods and get to know many cultures. All of my classmates influenced me. For example, my friend Michel said to me that she didn’t like Japan because many Japanese tended to have prejudice. I realized how important it was for us to evaluate our own countries objectively. And many students from different countries try to speak English actively even if the grammar is not correct. I think many Japanese tend not to be good at speaking English because they are scared of making mistakes. I think we have to learn their attitudes to speaking English. And thanks to Justyna, I experienced many English teaching methods and learned about many cultures. After graduation, I’ll hang on to studying hard. From next year, I decided to work at a theme park in Japan. There are many guests from many countries. So I want to be a better English speaker, and I want learn more languages like Spanish and Chinese. Based on it and my experiences in CCEB, I’ll go to school and be a good English teacher, and a good man.


I’ve studied for just 6 months in CCEB. But I learned a lot of vocabulary and grammar, got to know many cultures, and made many friends. It is very precious for me.

To all of my classmates: Coco, Anna, Veronika, Michel, Adrian, Raphael, Sakura, Filip, Nam, Darren, Marie, Yukari, Natsumi, Armiche, Ivy, Kana – you all influenced me a lot. I’m very happy to meet you. I’ll never forget you and I hope we can see each other again in the future. I love you guys.

To the great and no ordinary teacher, Justyna;
I want to say thanks to you for everything. Actually, before I came here, I thought it was ok for me to keep working for the company and not to become a teacher. But thanks to you, my passion for English education started to burn again. Someday I’ll be a great teacher like you.

Kotaro Kawamoto

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4 thoughts on “Why I am here

  1. Hello Kotaro. Thank for you writing is amazing and thanks for mentioning me. It was a very good experience because I could open my mind and learned about other opinions and cultures. You are a beautiful person and I’m sure that you will be a good teacher.
    If you want to learn to speak Spanish, call me because I will always help you.
    Thank you dear friends, I hope see you soon.

  2. Hello Kotaro,

    Thank you for your beautiful words. It made my heart melt. I miss you a lot because I don’t have a Kahoot! rival as competitive as you were. Hahahah, you know how I mean it 🙂 Thank you for everything Kotaro 🙂

  3. Hi Kotaro,

    It is of you to share your experiences and the purpose of why you joined this class. You are not only studying English here but also making friends. To be honest, I had the same issues about learning English at the beginning. I learnt English from primary school to college, however I still can not speak English fluently. In my opinion, I think we do not have proper environment for learning English. For example, we learnt some grammar about Active & Passive samples in class, At first we were trying to practice and memorise it, but in the end we found that It was hard to find someone to practice. The motivation of learning English may be reduced or lost.
    I started being interested in studying English when I was working in Singaproe. Firstly, It was obvious that I needed to improve English for my job. Secondly, I realised how important English was. For instance, English was the common language when we traveled to some Western countries, like USA or UK. Even when you are visiting South-east Asian countries like Thailand or Nepal, we still need English to communicate with them. Thirdly, I saw a documentary about India. The meaning of this documentary is to show the life in India. But I realised that most Indians can communicate by using basic words. May not fluent or perfect, But we can know what they trying to express. One girl from the documentary really surprised (shocked) me as she really spoke very fluent English even though she was just in her second grade.
    At the end, I hope all of us keep practicing English.

  4. Hi Kotaro,
    Thank you for sharing your experience with everyone.
    It’s interesting. I was not studying hard when I
    was a student. I thought English wasn’t important at that time. Fortunately, I had a chance to work abroad then I realised my English wasn’t good. That’s the reason I came to CCEB to start studying English again. I hope I can improve my poor English and get better.

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