How to become a famous duck

I was an ordinary duck before. I was no different than all the ducks on this earth. I was not as famous as Donald Duck. But I became famous when I made an effort passing through the hot oven. Before my name was just Duck and now it is Peking Duck. All the people love me and remember me forever.

My hometown I could not remember after one serious accident. I had a future on my left foot. If you had ordered me, you would have known this. I was lucky and delivered to XANADU. I will not forget that day. It was a very cold day. My whole body was frozen. I remembered a lovely and cute person called Ivy who had taken me into a room. It was a very interesting and special room for me. It was so warm and full of vegetables. I did not know why it had so many big pots. I loved them. They made me feel very warm and safe. That lovely and cute person gave me a massage with olive oil. How comfortable you will never know. I loved it and thanked that lovely person. I talked with prawns, pork, sliced chicken, sliced beef, noodles and many vegetables.

I looked forward to becoming famous and loved by everyone. That lovely and cute person told me her favourite food here was me (Peking Duck), beef noodles, Golden Prawn dumpling, boxing chicken and mixed vegetables.

But she said she loved me most. If I were fat, I would swim in the oven for a little bit longer. When I felt very hot, then I was taken out and poured some sauce on my tanned skin.

Ivy, Intermediate Class

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