My school trip to Palm Cove

Last week our crazy class had an amazing time in Palm Cove. It was our first time experience to study outside. At 9am in the morning, we got together in the classroom. We got divided into 4 groups, and then left for Palm Cove.

As we arrived, we sat down and talked to each other eating sweet cookies. Some of us went to the coffee shop, to get some coffee while the rest of us relaxed on the sand with beautiful scenery. Maybe I drank too much coffee, so I wanted to go to the bathroom. However, the toilet was really far from our place. It was the worst thing!

Also, we played volleyball together and everybody looked like a professional player. I wanted to play more, but my physical strength was weaker than others, so I came back to my seat and took a rest. I think I should exercise more.

Finally it was barbie time! The head chef was Adrian. He had cooked for us. The special menu included chicken thighs with orange zest, garlic and a beautiful potato salad. It was the most delicious food I had ever eaten! It was especially good to sit and eat the delicious food while looking at the sea. After we finished lunch South American team and The Rest of the World team played soccer. The score didn’t matter. It was more interesting than playing Kahoot! It was the most energetic game I had ever and watched.
Finally, we cleaned together and we talked again with beer and not sweet snacks!
And I came back to Cairns with the best driver Ivy, Crazy CoCo, beautiful Natsumi, and the sexiest in the world Sakura. CoCo and I were singing the whole time on the way back home, so Ivy probably got very tired. Sorry, Ivy 😞
Anyway, our Palm Cove trip was the most enthusiastic experience I had ever and I love you my Crazy and Lovely Class and love Justyna as well.
Anna, Intermediate Class
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4 thoughts on “My school trip to Palm Cove

  1. I remember the toilet was really far from where we were. We should have taken a bike. Haha
    Look at Chloe’s face, I can not unsee her face :D. Thanks for the coffee. It was nice love you, too Anna!

  2. Hello Anna,

    Thank you very much for your an amazing report on our trip to Palm Cove. It reminded me how awesome that day had been. Even though I didn’t play voleyball or soccer I enjoyed watching you. It was a perfect day and I’ll never forget the most enthusiastic day with my class! 🙂

  3. Hello Anna,
    I went to Palm Cove with my host family to have a BBQ. I think it’s a calm beach. When I went there, a couple slept on the mattress and drank wine. It was very nice. I want to relax like them.
    Next time, I want to go out with everyone from our class.

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