The life of a part-time chef

A chef’s life is rough. Imagine that we call a shift of 40 hours “a part-time job.” This is a good beginning!  My co-worker asked me 2 days ago if I was able to work 6 days instead of 5 like a normal person.

We work like researchers in a laboratory, trying to find the best method to cook any ingredient that you can see in the supermarket, but we face a challenge to make you feel something in your mouth that you can’t do for yourself.

The food I cooked

Working with a qualified chef is very constructive. In my case, I’m always looking to work in a good, respectful team which is open-minded, and able to put up with crazy jokes 100% of the time. I think if nobody has a good sense of humour in a kitchen, the food is sad and tasteless, regardless of the kind of kitchen you are running.

I realize that good chefs always have an insight into the industry, are concerned about the service, new flavours and ways to plate.  We think that we are here to serve the patrons who are working hard to bring their families:  kids, parents, in-laws, friends and pets included. I always offer water and cookies for special furry customers.  And those people are looking forward to having the best food, getting the best service in a relaxed environment, so you have to be extremely careful in these areas to avoid making your customer disappointed.

Dining with my friends

I remember one time I was cooking and one of the floor staff ran to the kitchen and asked me “Can you help me please? A customer has fallen down and cut his legs with broken glass!” So I left my position in the kitchen I became a first aid person.  Such a crazy day in the kitchen I have had in my life!

Anyway, us, chefs, live crazy lives with bad feed; we are often sleep-deprived, and suffer burns in the hot environment (over 40 degrees sometimes) but we are happy to see people and their families sharing a good meal, a warm service, smiling and enjoying their time together after a hard week of work.

Adrian, Intermediate class

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One thought on “The life of a part-time chef

  1. The idea to be a chef, should be crazy and also magical for some people, not everyone wants to work 6 days a week, let alone 40 hours a week calling that a “part time job”! What would a ‘full-time’ job be like then? Dumb!!!

    Actually I work as a chef too. While I was reading this blog post, I felt a lot of things in common with the person who wrote that. He reminded me of the time when I was pursuing this career in my country, Colombia. In particular, when he said he tries to work all the time making his best efforts, apart from this when he spends his free time trying to understand and to discover how he can make and also improve the quality of some food by cooking it. By doing this, he can improve his professional skills and along with this expending his personal knowledge.
    As a result, all his customers will be satisfied.

    Although so many people don’t like the work which is called “chef” or for others “cook”, I’m pretty sure we really love the time when our customers receive our food, try it and subsequently get a big smile on their faces.

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