Barefoot Internship

I went to BAREFOOT Tours as an intern. They offer a day tour which includes the Atherton Tablelands and waterfalls.

I went to their office with Chelsea who is working there. She is a very nice person and we talked a lot about the job and the tour. They have two buses at the office.  I cleaned one of their buses first.  Then I cleaned and restocked their fridge and the kitchen. Next, I also cleaned their equipment for the tour. It was not so hard, and I finished it within a half day. I expected that I could go out on a tour. I thought I could help guiding the tour or selling their tours to customers. But I worked there only one day. I think I could have gone on a tour with them if I went there for a few more days.

However, I found that cleaning is still an important part of a job for the travel company.

Cleaning and organizing the office are necessary to keep the office tidy.  It makes customers comfortable and it also make the staff comfortable. It also could be helpful to keep everyone safe from injury or accidents.

I hope if there is another chance to do it, I can go on their tour.

When I finish working, they gave me a voucher which I can join their tour for free.  I have been to Atherton and it was very beautiful, so I am glad to get it.

I am looking forward to going on their tour.

Naoki Obata

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One thought on “Barefoot Internship

  1. Hello Naoki I really agree with you. Cleaning job is very hard but It is really worth it because if you are cleaning the bus, the guests will be happy, but if you don’t, the guests won’t be happy.
    The reason why cleaning is very important when you provide the service to the guests.
    Also, I really wonder what kind of FREE voucher you got!!
    And I want you to take a train as a tour guide later. You will also have a good experience.

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