My home town and Michaelmas Cay

My prefecture is Gunma in Japan. There is no beach there. You might think that Japan has a lot of beaches because it is a country surrounded by the sea. However, my home town doesn’t  have a beach. There are 8 prefectures in Japan without a beach. My prefecture is surrounded by many mountains instead of the sea. Many people come to climb and trek the mountains. Moreover, there are many cities with hot springs, for example Kusatu, Ikaho, and Minakami. Many tourists visit my home town for the mountains and the hot springs.

If you come to Japan, you should go to hot springs as there are many of them in the country. I grew up in a city surrounded by mountains and hot springs. As a result, I had a longing for a beautiful sea. Therefore, I came to Cairns.

First, I went to Fitzroy Island where there is a beautiful beach. I could see a lot of corals while I was snorkelling. The water looked beautiful on the beach. However, I thought it was a little bit muddy in the sea. I don’t know why the underwater visibility was very poor that day.

Next, I went snorkeling to Michaelmas Cay with my friends. It was absolutely amazing because I could see a very beautiful sea, a really picturesque island and many wild birds. I think Michaelmas Cay has the most beautiful water because we could see a lot of corals , many kinds of fishes and perfect underwater visibility. If you like snorkelling, I suggest you go to Michaelmas Cay.

Cairns and my home town have completely different tourist destinations. However, I think there are places where tourists can be surprised, relaxed or impressed.

Yumi, Intermediate Class

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3 thoughts on “My home town and Michaelmas Cay

  1. Hello, Yumi!!! I’m ANNA!! Thank you for telling your amazing stories!
    I thought that the whole of Japan has a sea because Japan is surrounded by sea.
    If i went to your country without knowing that, I might have been a little bit embarassed.
    Thank you for your information.
    I have never been to Fizroy yet. But many people who have been there said that Fizroy is a really amazing place, which has coral, blue coloured sea, and has many beautiful turtles as well.
    And I want to know more stories about how was your snorkeling. Next time could you tell me more amazing stories??? Please~ Thanks!!!!

  2. Hi, Yumi 🙂
    You are very lucky to have hot springs in your hometown. You can dip in whenever you want! Envy you 🙂 I have visited Hukuoka once with my grand mother. Although It was very nice, I want to visit Gunma someday.

    I’ve heard many times that Fitzroy Island has quite beautiful scenery. However, Michaelmas Cay is very new for me. I’ve just searched for Michaelmas Cay, and I’ve found it amazing. Just like dreaming paradise! I wish I can travel around those beautiful places one day. Thank you for your information.

  3. Hi Yumi!
    I come from Shiga, my prefecture is one of 8 prefectures in Japan without a beach and it is surrounded by many mountains! So I show sympathy to your passion for beach.

    I think you don’t know, Shiga has the same name place “Kusatsu”!
    I heard there are three “Kusatsu” in Japan. Of course your “Kusatsu” is most famous.
    Three “Kusatsu” make friendship.

    Our hometowns have a good relationship, I hope citizens will make good friendship, too!

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