My Frankland Islands internship

At 6:30 am, I had to go to Frankland Islands office on that day. To be honest, I was so sleepy because I had to wake up at around 5:30 am. When I got to their office, I had to wait for their instructions. The company took me and another girl who was a high school student to pick up their customers at each stop in their minibus. That day, they had only 9 groups so they didn’t need a big bus.  After picking all the customers, we headed to the river where the boat was waiting. On the way, all the customers needed to fill the document of medical health check. When we got on the boat, I needed to prepare the coffee for customers and organized their staff members. I put some t-shirts in a box. After coffee time, I had to pick all the cups and wash them all. After that, I could sit down but it was windy; the waves were high and I forgot to take medicine for sea sickness so I got it. I tried not to throw up.  When we got to Frankland island, I needed to put all the gear needed for the tour into a small boat and I rode it. When I got there, first, I needed to carry all equipment for snorkelling, kayaking and other marine activities. It was so heavy which proved so little bit hard for me. After that, I had to set up the tables for customers. At around 12 o’clock I prepared lunch. It was buffet so I put some all food out and placed the cutlery on the table. On that day, a glass bottom boat tour was not available because of the weather. I stayed on the beach and some customers went into the sea but they looked freezing cold. After the tour finished, I had to put all the gear back to the boat and cleaned them all on the boat. I cleaned all the dishes, snorkel equipment and hung up all the water suits. On the way to town, I had to prepare coffee and cakes for the customers again. I did same thing as I did on the way to the island. I was exhausted but it was such a good experience and I was so happy as I could see what needs to be done on a tour.

Naoki, CCEB Travel

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2 thoughts on “My Frankland Islands internship

  1. Thank you for sharing your precious information about the experience in Frankland Island.
    I didn’t know that there are job opportunities there.
    In addition to that, I’ve never heard about this island.
    I reckon working at an island resort is an extremely memorable experience because there are fewer opportunities to work on an island in Japan.
    As I can see in the cover picture,there is nothing special in this island,except an amazing ocean and a white beach.
    Moreover, I can see the small island over the main island.
    Can we visit this isolated island?
    If we can reach it,we might enjoy discovering this small island as an adventure!
    Was it hard work for you?
    I really want to try this job to improve my hospitality skills.

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