Do you have a fulfilling life?

A new year just has begun and a lot of people have set their new goals. Very common goals include losing weight or stopping smoking but have you ever thought about your life in general? Is your life fulfilling? What it comes to your mind when you hear that?

In my opinion, a fulfilling time consists of small things such as spending some quality time with your friends, eating a delicious meal, doing exercise or reading a very fascinating book. Of course someone could say these are ridiculous but it is about a different point of view. I think it is a special skill to appreciate small things and integrate them into a “huge” thing which makes you feel alive.

Actually, in the morning I was very surprised when I found out that our friends Oscar and Diego were going to join us to make a video of this unusual experience. I felt so happy and honoured at same time that I have such good friends across the world. I put their masterpiece in the section below where you can watch it (look for yellow t-shirts, that’s us!). When we crossed the finish line, we were hosed by a man whose job to spray our bodies, faces and clothes with mud.


After the competition we had breakfast together or maybe I should say brunch, because it was 11 o’clock. The Lilipad Cafe served us absolutely delicious food. Unfortunately, I didn’t take a picture of it because all of us were desperately hungry. If you haven’t been to The Lilipad Cafe, I would highly recommend that you go there. What a beautiful morning, huh? But it wasn’t everything! Armiche prepared a surprise for me. After that we went to Cape Tribulation but I’m going to write about the trip in my next post.

In the end, I crossed a few mud pools, I sweated a lot and my whole body was covered in mud, but you know what? All of these seemingly small and unimportant actions made my day really special.

Veronika, Upper-Intermediate Class

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One thought on “Do you have a fulfilling life?

  1. They look very fulfilling even if their clothes become dirty.
    The course looks very difficult to run fast.
    I felt the importance to try everything and appreciate small things.
    If so, anything in spite of scale becomes special and happy.

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