Natsumi at the art gallery

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  1. The title is “Circus”.

There are many kinds of dogs in this artwork. Not only the performers but also the audiences are dogs! Can you see that? This picture is very vibrant and lively. This artwork got runner-up for best digital artwork.

  1. The title is “Thylicine, Quinkan and Black cat”.

Thylicine is known as the Tasmanian Tiger, but now they are already extinct. Quinkan is an Aboriginal spirit, especially as depicted on rock painting in Queensland. In my opinion, this should be black cat because there are the ears and the nose.

  1. The title is “Portrait of Lady Norman”.

At first glance, it looks like a bright picture but in the foreground we can see an old airplane. In my opinion, it indicates relief at the end of the war.

  1. The title is “Hanging with mates”.

It looks like an aquarium. Each fish is accompanied by the same kind of fish. Fish live in groups as humans.

  1. The title is “See my twins”.

On the right there is a beautiful woman while on the left we can see a little cross woman. In my opinion, the woman on the left is her secret identity so it was drawn with dull colours. In my view, this woman has some darkness.

Natsumi, Intermediate A

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