We won a day trip to Fitzroy Island!

Almost three months ago my nephew, Martin Ortega, came to Cairns to visit me and study English at CCEB.

Like all young people, he is very advanced in the use of technological devices and he decided to participate in the CCEB anniversary video competition. Fortunately, he won it! The prize was a double ticket to Fitzroy Island.

I had always wanted to go to the island, but I had not had the opportunity to do it. So this occasion was perfect for me, thanks to my nephew who invited me.

As soon as we reached Fitzroy Island, we could see the crystal clear water, an imposing green forest and a beach full of beautiful corals.

The first thing we did was go snorkelling. We saw fishes and manta rays, then we went on a hike up the hill and reached the top. We enjoyed the great view, which was beautiful even though the hike was tiring. On the way we saw a giant spider web in which there was a huge spider.  Although we were very scared, we recorded it and took many pictures.

Finally, we got back to the beach and we swam in that quiet and beautiful place.

We are grateful to CCEB for giving us the possibility to participate in the trip and be able to have amazing experiences in Cairns.

Carolina, Intermediate Class


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6 thoughts on “We won a day trip to Fitzroy Island!

  1. Hello! Nice to meet you. My name is Yuika. I’m Martin’s classmate.
    I just went to Fitzroy Island last Saturday too. These photos are very beautiful. I wanna go to there again!
    Thanks for a nice blog!

  2. Hi!
    I’m Mai. Martin is my friend. I came to CCEB also 3 months ago, too. Firstly, we were in the same class. I’m really glad I could be close with him because he is so kind. I became happy when I saw your lovely photos. And I want to go there one day.
    I hope you are happy!

  3. Hi, I’m Ai.
    It sounds great. I want to go there. There’re many beautiful views and ocean. Fitzroy Island is more colorful than Green Island. I went there with my friends two weeks ago. It was fun and I went snorkelling. I wanted to swim more. If I can go to Fitzroy Island, I’ll join another tour.

  4. Congratulations! You are lucky. And your nephew is very kind. I know Martin. He is my friend.
    Martin respects you. If I were Martin, I would go to Fitzroy Island with my friend. Actually, I have never been to Fitzroy Island. I want to go and see beautiful views on Fitzroy Island.

  5. Hello. I’m Hinata, an intermediate student. The photos are all beautiful. I think the sea around Australia is the most beautiful in the world! I’ve never been to Fitzroy Island, so I’m really want to go there.

  6. Hi,I’m Ayami.
    I like your photos. When I looked at them, I was impressed .They are so beautiful.
    I want to go to these places just like you before I leave Carins.
    Also, your smile is very nice in the photo.I hope you are happy !!

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