My passion: freediving

On the left there is a scuba diver and me freediving in the middle.

Do you know what freediving is? Normally people think it’s diving; and therefore you need a certification, and special equipment such as an oxygen tank. However, freediving is completely different. You don’t need any special equipment, just a mask, a snorkel and fins.

In my opinion, one of the advantages of freediving is more flexibility than in scuba diving. You can do somersaults like dolphins under the water. And you can take photos like a model, because the equipment is much smaller than in scuba diving.

On the other hand, freediving has its dangerous points. For example, you can’t breathe under water as you might be black out. Don’t be alone when you go freediving. You should go with someone else.

There are not so many fish but you can feel vibes of this land.

I recommend that you get a freediving certification. Some organisations (PADI, AIDA etc)  issue freediving licenses certificates and if you want to dive more than 5 meters, you should be.

One of the top free divers can dive up to 100m deep, but you don’t have to dive to that depth. The bottom certification is enough for snorkeling.

If you get a cetification, you can dive more safely and go where only the license holders can dive. For example, Brracuda lake which is located in the Philippines is a great place to go freediving.

Anyway, I just want to say if you can go under water, you can see beautiful views which you cannot see on the ground. Three-fourth of the earth’s surface is water. Let’s go and explore the under water world.

PS. All the photos in the blog post are mine and present me.

Maiko, Intermediate A

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