How to bathe your pets?

Australia is a dog friendly country and most families have pets. Maybe they have one or two, sometimes even more. Do you have pets? Do you know how to bathe your doggy? You might want to know the details. Follow me and I will teach you how to bathe them in the right way.

What tools do you need? You will most likely tell me you need shampoo, a comb, ear cleanser, towels and a dryer. That’s all. Wait, you have forgotten one thing. It can save you money. The answer is cotton. Seriously, I’m not lying to you.

The most important thing is making your pets feel safe while you are washing them. The owner can talk to them all the time as well. If they feel a little uncomfortable, they may not want to do it again because they remember doing this made them unhappy and scared.

Make sure the whole process is safe, whether they are on the table or in the bath. Their life is in your hands. Fasten them with a safety rope, so they’re still and won’t fall from the high table or escape from the tub.

Before they are bathed, brush them. Combing can remove knots and waste hair. It’ll make you work efficient.

Use ear cleanser to flush their ears and then fill them with cotton. If you don’t do this, they might get inflamed because water goes into the ears. Once inflamed, your pet will have to see a vet. And as you know, it’s expensive.

Cutting their nails is the most difficult thing to do as dogs often try to escape. And you have to do it, although must puppies absolutely hate it. Too long nails affect walking, which can even lead to deformed toes. It’s a huge matter. So if you can’t do this, please bring your puppies to see a pet groomer. We’ll be glad to help you.

Most owners don’t know pets need to squeeze their anal glands. The glands are filled with liquid that helps them defecate but the smell is totally disgusting. When the glands are filled with liquid and can’t drain by themselves, they will probably break. Nobody wants to see a vet again, right?

Finally, happy time is coming. Most pets enjoy bath time. Pay attention to water temperature and please keep it between 34 and 38 degrees. The temperature should be not too high as I don’t think you want to cook them. And don’t use human shampoo as it’s not good for their skin condition. Once they’re washed, happy days!

The last thing is to dry them. After all this serious hard work, you must be very tired. Take a break with your fragrant freshly-bathed children. What an awesome feeling!

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